Athlete of the Issue: Devon Shatzman ‘22

The nationally ranked squash player discusses her long career and plans for the future


Devon Shatzman ‘22 is a top-ranked squash player who also excels in the classroom. The student athlete’s hard work has paid off, as she is set to play squash for Cornell University next year. 

Shatzman began playing squash when she was 8. Shatzman’s sister, Alexis Shatzman ‘19, began playing squash at Baldwin after the Athletic Center was built in 2008 and inspired her to do the same.

Shatzman said, “I always liked playing sports like tennis, equestrianism, and soccer, but squash was always where I had the most fun and always looked forward to practices and matches.”

When asked about her practice and competition schedule, Shatzman said, “I play at least two hours a day, plus gym sessions that vary in length, and I have tournaments every month.” 

The long hours on the court, on the road, and in the gym have helped Shatzman reach a career-high of being ranked number 1 in the country.

Shatzman attributed most of her success to being “creative on [the] court and having a very unconventional way of playing. My playing style is unique because I use a lot of deception during rallies, whereas others usually play up and down one wall.”

In her junior year, Shatzman committed to Cornell University to play squash at a Division I level. Her sister Alexis Shatzman ‘19 is also currently attending the university, which allowed Devon to see firsthand what her next four years will look like. 

Beyond squash, Shatzman plans to major in Health Care Policy, a combination of her favorite concentrations: economics, politics, history, and science. Cornell is one of the few schools that offers this major. 

When asked to give advice to younger student athletes, Shatzman said, “It’s very important to have a good balance between academics, athletics, and social life [to avoid] a stressful environment. It can really help to plan out your week or even your month so you can keep track of all of your priorities.”