Farewell to the Editors-in-Chief

Reflecting on the legacies of Editors-in-Chief Makenna Walko and Izzy Thompson.

The Hourglass has humble roots, having begun as a publication with only four pages of mostly announcements and alumni news. Obviously, much has changed since then – not just the Baldwin school newspaper, but also the community around it. 

When the first issue was published, the baby boom had just begun, while peace treaties to end World War II formally were being signed; Jackie Robinson became the first African-American baseball player and Christian Dior launched his first collection.

Now, we see the trickle-down effects of those events all around us. The world seems to be changing more every minute, with innovations and histories being made every day, but one thing has remained constant: the Hourglass. Even in a world that has revolutionized how we receive information, the publication remains ever-prevalent in Baldwin students’ lives and no one has kept the tradition alive like Editors-in-Chief Izzy Thompson’23 and Makenna Walko’23 have this past year.

Both worked tirelessly to maintain the level of excellence and intrigue that students and faculty alike have come to expect from the award-winning publication. Never-ending streams of meetings, emails, and revisions have kept them busy all day every day. 

Thompson first joined the Hourglass during her freshman year and took off from there. She wrote articles ranging from how the pandemic changed Baldwin life to how umbrellas are superior to raincoats, later becoming the News Section Editor. Her achievements span beyond the fishbowl as a talented writer and STEM student.

Walko also joined the paper as a staff writer in ninth grade. She quickly asserted herself as a versatile writer, publishing articles including a Hogwarts house-sorting of Baldwin teachers, a push to make Baldwin more physically accessible, and a recap of international superstar Taylor Swift’s achievements. Walko’s writing aptitude shines through in her work, while her inherent leadership qualities contributed to the organized yet lighthearted environment of the paper.

Culminating in a highly successful, tone-setting Senior year as Editors-in-Chief, both Walko and Thompson not only strengthened the Hourglass’ existing culture within the Baldwin community but also recognized and harnessed the power the new digital age holds over journalism. Taking strides to continually update, utilize, and promote articles through the Hourglass’ online website and Instagram page, the co-Editors-in-Chief diligently maintained constant communication with Creative Directors Cathy Wang ‘23 and Emily Zhang ‘23. Walko and Thompson’s work, along with Wang and Zhang’s, has undoubtedly unlocked the door to a new age of the Hourglass as it looks to balance the preservation of print news with the up-and-coming popularity of online news.

We send our endless thanks, gratitude, and congratulations to Izzy Thompson and Makenna Walko on behalf of the entire Hourglass team. Thompson and Walko’s legacy as co-editors-in-chief remains to be seen as the Hourglass takes their work as a stepping stone toward the future.