Athlete of the Issue

Maddie Davis ‘23


Design by Violet Paiva '23 and Emily Zhang '23

Maddie Davis ’23 on the soccer field.

Everyone needs something or someone to turn to when they are stressed out by the seemingly endless demands of high school, family, or friendships. For Maddie Davis ‘23, her outlet is one of the places she shines the most: the soccer field.  

Having been “thrown” into the world of sports by her parents, Davis started playing the game at four years old and has stuck with it, encouraged by her older brother Ben. Her commitment is reflected in the vast amount of time she has spent honing her soccer and athletic skills. 

Davis was introduced to club soccer in elementary school, and in 7th grade she decided to join Steel United, where she continues to play. As a result, she can be found on the soccer field year-round, playing an average of 4-5 hours per week in the spring and competing once every other week in the winter. 

Soccer isn’t all she does in her off-season, though. In addition, Davis is a co-captain of both Baldwin’s indoor and outdoor track teams. She has broken many Baldwin track records, and her spectacular athleticism is unmistakable in any sport she tries her hand at. 

On her club team, she is both a center-back and a defensive player. On Baldwin’s soccer team, her versatility as a player is underscored by her various roles as a striker, center-mid, and of course, star defender. 

When asked what she’s most proud of during her soccer career at Baldwin, Davis replied, “It’d probably be scoring in general this season. I’ve never really thought about the game offensively before. I’m proud of scoring at least a couple goals during a season, since I haven’t always been used to playing in that position.” This seems like an understatement considering her impressive seven total goals for the season.

While her adaptability and skill are obvious advantages, arguably the most important role Davis holds in Baldwin soccer is being a team player. When asked what she thinks the most vital aspect of soccer is, Davis emphasized teamwork: “I think communication is key as a collaborative movement. During games, there’s not a lot you can control. People can have bad and good days. However, you can always control how you talk, because that’s what makes a difference…you can help your teammates by letting them know you are open or if an opponent is behind you. And being positive can simply mean the little things, like picking a teammate up and keeping the energy high.” 

Davis excitedly identified one of her favorite soccer moments as a low-key, pick-up soccer tournament called Beach Blast, where the winning team is bestowed one of the most distinguished awards you can get: a wooden tiki. 

When asked what she loves most about soccer, Davis said, “It’s a chance to get close with the other grades. I get to talk to a lot of people, and it’s not as stressful to me as other sports such as track. Also, soccer’s good for my mental health because it’s a time where I can focus on myself and stay active. I don’t have to think about anything else at the moment.” 

While Davis mentioned that she would love to play club-level soccer in college, she does not plan to play at a highly competitive level. Instead, she wants to focus on branching out to other intramural sports and hobbies. Davis enjoys many extracurriculars and pastimes other than soccer, including cooking, reading, writing for The Hourglass, and representing Athletic Association.

Davis’s talent as a three-sport athlete and her contributions to Baldwin athletics do not go unnoticed. Violet Paiva ‘23, a teammate on the Baldwin soccer team, said, “She really cares about the success of the team.” Her sports expertise and love for team spirit exemplify what it means to be a dedicated student athlete.