The French Class Quebec Trip

A look into the French classes’ visit to Canada over the long weekend.


Over Presidents’ Day weekend, Baldwin eighth and ninth graders who learn French took a trip to Canada, visiting the French-speaking cities of Quebec and Montreal. 

The trip started early as students arrived at Baldwin at six in the morning to board the bus. After a restful–but long–nine-hour bus drive, they arrived in Canada.

After walking tours of Montreal and Quebec, Piper Skoglund ‘26 remembers eating at Chez Dany Cabane à Sucre, a “rustic sugar shack offering classic Canadian comfort dishes. Her favorite part of the meal was “the frozen maple syrup on the stick.” The group also visited the Hotel de Glace, filled with beds and intricate room designs made entirely of ice. 

Ava Lord ‘26 said, “The most memorable part of the trip was snow tubing,” where students could link their tubes together and slide down snow-capped hills. 

After tubing, students were able to drive and ride in dog-sleds led by huskies through the forest. Lyla Mason ‘26 recounted, “It was so much fun learning about the intricate technique and meeting all of the huskies. Controlling a group of dogs with your friend on a sled is a skill that takes a lot of practice.” 

While students experienced all of the excitement and adventure that came with the trip, they created memories they would later laugh about. Maya Soldatovich ‘26 recalled, “…even though Ava [Lord] and I crashed our sled into a tree, it was a really unique activity that I’m glad I had the opportunity to do. Also, petting the husky puppies was definitely a highlight in the trip.” 

However, students encountered several challenges during their visit. While driving back up a steep hill after dog sledding, Sienna Yocom ‘26 remembers, “Because it’s Quebec, there’s a lot of snow on the ground…our bus got stuck and it started smoking. But then Canadians started to get out of their cars to help us and they were really nice.” Despite being temporarily stuck in slippery slopes, students were supported by locals and truly felt the Canadian spirit. 

Boarding the bus for the final time, students had successfully bonded during all of the activities. Mason said, “I felt much more connected to the people in my grade.” They brought back unforgettable memories of Canadian culture, landmarks, and adventures to Baldwin.