Best TV Show of 2022

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: A thrilling tale of stans, vampires, and lovable characters

December 1 marked the end of yet another part of the most iconically-ridiculous show I’ve ever seen. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a loud, hilarious, and addicting story that can’t be described as anything other than fun–something we don’t always have enough of in our lives. 

Part one follows the noble Jonathan Joestar in a quick nine episodes as he works against his new adopted brother, Dio Brando, to respect his father’s honor. The first part’s concept isn’t anything new in the anime world. However, Jojo’s creator, Hirohiko Araki, turns the simple beginnings of the Joestar bloodline into a comedic tale that will leave you impatient to know what happens next. 

With its lovable cast of eccentrically dressed characters and gravity-defying hairstyles, Jojo’s brings viewers around the world to witness supernatural abilities called stands, vampires with vendettas, and dogs with coffee-flavored gum addictions. 

Though the anime is nothing short of absurd, it manages to keep viewers invested despite the aspects that would make no sense without context. The fight scenes are unpredictable, which is what makes them so exciting to watch as you wait to see the characters’ creative applications of their abilities. 

Each part of Jojo’s follows a vastly different protagonist than the one before. For example, the third part’s protagonist, Jotaro Kujo, provides clever counterattacks that are made even funnier by his ridiculous hat, massive chain, and stoic personality. Each of these moments become even more entertaining as they’re captured with bold outlines and iconic poses. 

Whether they’re traveling through Egypt to defeat an immortal vampire or overthrowing a mafia boss, the Joestar family members’ unconventional lives create heartwarming bonds that make viewers even more invested. The story’s unique structure avoids “dragging on” and its fast-paced nature offers something for everyone to enjoy. 

While there are some hidden subjects analytical viewers may seek out, like the evolution and exploration of traditional masculinity, I think the most appealing thing about Jojo’s doesn’t stem from those underlying themes. Instead, I’m captivated by its adorable friendships, addicting characters, and creative visuals. 

I could spend hours talking about my favorite moments, villains, and stands because there is so much to say about this fantastic universe. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is truly a bizarre, yet charming, adventure that offers an experience unlike any other.