“The Molecule Project” Blends Chemistry and Art at Baldwin

Baldwin’s newest art display showcases student’s creative models of common molecules


The sophomore chemistry class’s molecule projects are currently on display in the Art Gallery as part of a “Science and Art” exhibition that began on January 12th. The projects are a wonderful example of how science and art can overlap and interact. 

“The Molecule Project” became a staple sophomore year assignment nine years ago when chemistry teacher Mrs. Davis began teaching at Baldwin. Students select one out of roughly 25 molecules, research its structure and function, and build a creative model to present to their peers.

Mrs. Davis said, “[The project] not only ties together chemistry with the real world, but also allows students to visualize the structure of the molecules in a three-dimensional space.”

She added, “Science and art are inextricably linked. I want students to be able to visualize what they are learning…to appreciate how complex molecules are, which essentially make up the entire universe.” 

Current and former chemistry students find that the project achieves Davis’s intent perfectly.

Megan Chan ‘24 said, “This was one of my favorite projects because we were able to take the project in many different directions as long as it met the requirements.”

Chan and her partner Eliana Jean ‘24 both appreciate the creative license allotted to them in the project. 

Jean said, “The artistic elements of the project helped me remember.the information better…because we were able to apply it to real-life.”

Emilie Xie ‘24 agreed, and said “It gave us an understanding of how our molecule is involved in everyday objects such as mouthwash and toothpaste.” 

When asked to reflect on her molecule project from sophomore year, Sarah Ying ‘22 said, “It was fun because I had a personal connection to my molecule acetone. I was quite experienced with [acetone] because I use it to take off nail polish every day.” 

As for future students, Mrs. Davis hopes that these displays get them excited for the class. The Molecule Project truly enables students to explore just how connected the fields of chemistry and art are.