The Athletic Center Bans Energy Drinks

In the wake of the new policy, some students are turning to healthier alternatives to refuel before practice.


Image Courtesy of Nikoletta Kuvaeva ’25

Design and graphics by Nikoletta Kuvaeva ’25

On January 18, Baldwin banned students from consuming the energy drink Celsius in the Athletic Center. The decision came after staff members in the Athletic Center noticed an increase in upper school students’ energy drink intake. Of the energy drinks circulating through Baldwin, Celsius was among the most popular. 

Athletic Trainer Kerrie Snead, Assistant Athletic Director for Health & Wellness, said, “Celsius has the highest caffeine content: for just 12 small ounces, 200 mg is a huge amount. Another substance that’s in it is called guarana. If you get to a college level, those levels of caffeine and guarana are banned substances [for student athletes].”

On January 19, Coach Snead reiterated this message in the Upper Story, a monthly update from Upper School Director Mrs. Reed that is shared with Baldwin families. 

Coach Snead highlighted concerns about Celsius, writing, “This drink, among other brands of energy drinks, is already banned by college athletics and the NCAA. We are discouraging its use among our students and moving forward will not be allowing this drink or similar drinks in the Athletic Center.”

Shifa Sayeed ‘25 said the Celsius ban “was definitely a shock at first because it was just very unexpected.” Sayeed, along with “numerous other athletes, would consume it before practice” because of the boost in energy it gave them. 

When asked about the side effects of the drink, Sayeed said, “Ten minutes after drinking a can, I noticed my heart rate increase while the lower portion of my leg would tremble.” Sayeed said that these symptoms were “how you knew it worked.”

This policy change has encouraged some athletes to exchange their energy drinks for healthier, more natural alternatives. Sayeed said that she “has cut back on Celsius ever since the ban because [she] wants to get used to the pattern of not drinking it anymore.” 

Sayeed said, “Now I just stick to water and smoothies.” 

It seems that the Athletic Department’s goal of reducing athletes’ consumption of harmful drinks is already being reached: a definitive win for Baldwin athletics.