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Editorial: What We Want in a Director of Upper School

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Originally featured in the January/February 2018 Edition

Baldwin is proud to announce that, beginning next year, the new Director of Upper School will be Dr. Anne Longley. Dr. Longley is an alumna of a women’s college, Converse College, as well as a former administrator at an all-girls school, Nightingale-Bamford School, so her experience clearly shows that she not only understands but also supports Baldwin’s mission as an all-female institution. We are excited to welcome her into our Baldwin family and look forward to seeing how she positively impacts the Baldwin community.
Here are some characteristics we wish our new Director of Upper School to posses and some actions she could take to bring about positive change during the next school year.

Listening to students and implementing changes they suggest: Having a leader who is approachable and open to new ideas is crucial in order to build a strong bond in the community. We want to know she will listen to our voices as part of this community and make an effort to put our suggestions into action, with the intention of bettering Baldwin.

Developing strategies on hiring and retaining the best possible faculty available: As a college preparatory school, Baldwin students’ learning and development depend on the quality of education which we receive. The quality of our education depends on the faculty and whether they are constantly teaching us to think outside the box.

Putting into place policies that demonstrate an understanding of the importance of diversity: Having a diverse community, including individuals of different ethnicities, religions, races, and beliefs, is crucial to providing students with the best education possible. Each person brings their own unique perspective based on their background and story, and that should be valued. Although Baldwin is a diverse place, there is always room for improvement. We would like the new Director of Upper School to accept more students and faculty of diverse backgrounds to create more unity among not only the faculty and staff but also among the students.

Supporting and valuing the arts: The arts are a crucial part of the curriculum at Baldwin. Often times, however, the arts are undermined or disregarded. We would like to see our new Director take initiative to advocate for the arts and emphasize the importance of artistic expression at School. It would be wonderful to have our new Director encourage students to attend their classmates’ concerts, plays, and arts exhibitions, so that artistic endeavors are an experience for the entire community as opposed to just the artists and their families. High student turnouts at arts events would encourage more girls to pursue art classes or extracurriculars and would mean a lot to the students who work so hard in their craft. Students might be more incentivized to attend arts events if the Director made it a point to stimulate interest in the events themselves.

We are eager to welcome Dr. Longley as the new Director of Upper School next year and excited to see how she shapes our community. By taking these suggestions to heart to support our student body, Dr. Longley will, without a doubt, leave an exceptional mark on Baldwin.

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Editorial: What We Want in a Director of Upper School