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Candy and Counseling

Morgan Bove '18, Guest Writer

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Originally featured in the March 2018 Edition

Whether it’s during lunch, a free period, or as soon as the clock strikes 2:35, you can always find a handful of Baldwin students with Ms. Strauss, the guidance counselor. If you pass her office on the first floor of the Upper School, you often see seven to 16 girls squeezed into a closet-sized spaced, piled on a four-person couch or a pea-sized chair, eating as many KitKats as they possibly can fit into their mouths.
Students go into her office seeking advice or just a friendly face. Tara McMahon ‘18 said, “Ms. Strauss is always there for the students, no matter the severity of the situation. Her office is a safe place to vent, free of judgment.”
According to a survey conducted in the Upper School, 92.3% of 30 respondents said they found Ms. Strauss’ advice helpful, and 100% said that it is “necessary and important for schools to have guidance counselors.” 17 students reported that they visit Ms. Strauss’ office one or two times a week for guidance, and 13 students reported they stop by for a quick chat and to grab a piece of candy to help tackle stress or to “make their day sweeter.”
“Counselors are a great way to reduce student stress and help improve a student’s mental health.” Jane McAleese ‘19 said.
Mariana Leone ‘18 said, “It is necessary for all students to have access to a guidance counselor because adolescence is a tumultuous and emotional time for teens, especially when it comes to relationships with peers.”
Oona Maloney ‘18 echoed Leone’s statement, commenting, “It’s important to have a support system and safe outlet for students when they cannot talk to their families or friends.”
Ms. Strauss said, “I love my job and I especially love working at Baldwin because at an all girls school I can empathize and relate to your experiences.” She added, “I wish I had had someone to talk to because it would have made my life easier” in high school.
If you ever need help or want someone to talk to other than your parents or friends, Ms. Strauss is always available in room 106 by appointment or walk-in.

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Candy and Counseling