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How Teachers Would Spend Their Ideal Spring Breaks

Ava Olson '21, Staff Writer

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Originally featured in the March 2018 Edition

As spring break approaches, the Baldwin community anticipates some much needed rest and relaxation. Among the many people of the Baldwin community that enjoy this time off from school are the hard-working teachers who strive to educate their students every day.
Since break is only a week long, one can wonder what people would do with their free time if there were unlimited resources, ample amounts of time, and boundless opportunities.
Upper school Chemistry teacher Mrs. Davis travels with her husband every spring break, but if break were longer, Mrs. Davis said, “I would take a more lavish vacation.” More specifically, she would want to travel to Italy, Spain, or Australia. When not flying around the world, Mrs. Davis would like to spend time with her family. She said, “I would spend at least half of the allotted time with my husband, and then maybe have some time with my parents or brother, or his parents or brother for the other part of the time.”
If there’s anything music director Ms. Hagon-Kerr would change about spring break, she said, “I would probably make it longer to have time for long distance travel.” She also dreams of traveling somewhere she’s never been. She said, “I’ve never been to East Asia, so I’d love to go there. And I have some dear friends who live in Taiwan that I’ve been meaning to visit.” Additionally, Ms. Hagon-Kerr would want to travel with her husband.
Many people know that physics teacher Dr. Goldader loves talking about rockets launching into space, but he has never gotten a chance to watch one take off in person. When asked what he would do during spring break if there were no restraints, he said, “I’d love to go down to Florida and watch a rocket launch.” Although he dreams of someday watching a SpaceX rocket shoot into space, he simply is looking forward to “not having to get up at 5:20 in the morning.” Regardless of the activity, Dr. Goldader wants to spend his break with his children.

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How Teachers Would Spend Their Ideal Spring Breaks